Most iPod® cases make your iPod hard to use and ugly. Gizmobis, Inc. was founded one year ago by a successful technology start-up team with one goal: invent a product that allowed iPod owners to customize and protect their iPod, but keep it pocketable and enhance its aesthetics. Gizmobies™ were introduced last summer and now have tens of thousands of passionate users. They're the first and leading brand in fashionable iPod protection that doesn’t add unwanted bulk.

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For replacements, mail your current Gizmobies and a money order or cashier's check for $4.96 s/h to:

Gizmobis, Inc. ATTN: Replacements 6410 Sunset Corporate Drive Las Vegas, NV 89120

Return policy: All Gizmobies sales are final. We warranty Gizmobies to last for the life of your iPod. If you need a replacement, follow the instructions above and we'll ship you new Gizmobies. Did you order the wrong Gizmobies size? You can follow the replacement instructions and let us know what size you need and we will ship you a replacement in the right size.

Are you not sure what iPod you have? Check out this great resource on iPods at Wikipedia:

Shipping Information: Orders are typically filled and shipped within 3 business days (often much quicker).